Released :      January 1986


Model # :        3069


Length :          410 mm


Width:             235 mm                                                  

Wheel Base :   272 mm


Height :           170 mm


Weight :          1710 grams


Drive :            4WD - via chain.

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The Kyosho Gallop MKII was the 3rd and final in the progress based chassis cars from Kyosho.

Equipped with a number of improvements to both the chassis, suspension etc - it was all a little late. The time of the Progress based chassis was long gone, with the Optima finding favour because of its better overall design !

None the less - the last hurrah for this chassis was easily the best. A re-arranged chassis layout gave a better overall centre of gravity and balance. This, along with a different front end geometry including dual front shocks, made the MKII easily the best handling of the trio. 

The body was the most aggressive to adorn this chassis......and was a fantastic looking car on the track. Unfortunately, even though the handling was quite good, this car was a bit of a "porker" (i.e HEAVY), which made it even less desirable for competition.

As said above - this was the last of the Progress based cars.......real history making machines as far as racers are concerned.

More details and pictures to come soon of the Gallop MKII.