Released :      August 1984


Model # :        3067


Length :          395 mm


Width:             230 mm                                                  

Wheel Base :   262 mm


Height :           166 mm


Weight :          1640 grams


Drive :            4WD - via chain.

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The Kyosho Progress was this manufacturers first real attempt at a competition based 4wd 1/10 electric machine. What a machine it was too !! 

4wd via chain, with one way front drive system, 4 wheel steering and 4 wheel double wishbone independent suspension, in terms of "engineering" features, this car was light years ahead of other manufacturers cars at the time.

The chassis is a solid alloy lower plate with a solid plastic upper plate - which was moulded to form a monocoque chassis when mated to the lower plate. Most of the radio gear was mounted centrally giving a reasonable weight distribution.

The alloy shocks were reasonable - however prone to leaking after a while - as the seals were a little ineffective. The weight of the vehicle was reasonable - given its advanced technical features. Allot of parts were made out of cast alloy.

The Progress was supplied with a manual speed control and the ever popular Mabuchi RS-540 motor. 

Most popular mods were of course ball bearings - and "locking out" the rear steering - as in competition the car was known to be a little "twitchy" at speed.

More details and pictures to come soon of  the Progress.